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Online and Offline Business, Which Better?

Business investment in the present era is increasingly dynamic, widespread, and does not have to be expensive. This is due to the presence of a new business model that can be reached by all people, namely the online business. But is offline business abandoned because of losing competitiveness with online business? Apparently not. A number of companies still want to invest in offline businesses, even though they also go online.

In this situation, the question arises about which is better, whether an online or offline business. Then when we have venture capital, which one should take precedence. Whether online business or offline business. To answer the questions above, let’s look at the following description: read more

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Freelancer, an Ideal Home Based Business For Creative Person

If we are takling about Home Based Business, we can mention “Freelancer” as the most ideal for this business. Today, being a freelancer can give you a decent income. Earnings as a freelancer can even be compared to office workers. Freelancers can even be superior because they work based on passion, can be done anywhere including at home, not time bound, and make you have more time for family and social.

In this article, we want to discuss about Home Based Business, especially the types of freelance jobs that you can work on to generate attractive income. Here’s the description for you: read more

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